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 Welcome to Bordeaux Trader This website is 100% free and is dedicated to educating the world about French wines. For many years people have had a hard time understanding french wines, our goal is to make it easy.I have been working in the wine industry for over 10 years and I truly have a deep passion for wine. I have had the opportunity to visit some of the best wineries in the world and taste the most amazing wines that France has to offer. I currently work for one of top French wine importers in the country and sample over 50 wines per week.  I will help you find the best “Wine Values” on the market today at a price point that won’t break the bank. Bordeaux trader is also committed to helping you find the best wine shops in your area, and you may also share your own personal experiences with wine on our blog.Santé!

Update on Bordeaux 2009 

The 2009 vintage in Bordeaux is amazing,and pricing is as well. Lafite 2009 & Latour 2009 are trading around $20,000 which is mind blowing. The crazing thing is that in 10 years it will $50,000 a case. Not far behind I see Mouton Rothchild 2009 & Haut Brion 2009 trading for around the $15,000.

Chateau Margaux 2009 is going for around as high as $30,000 for a case. My guess is everone made great wine in Bordeaux in 2009. I have seen some amazing prices on 90-95 point ratings (Wine Spectator) that are trading around $300 a case. That is were I willing be taking a hard look for my celler, in average years the 5 first growths are the way to go, but in an wonderful year like Bordeaux had in 2009, everyone will have execellent wine. I will be back soon with a list of 2009 bordeaux wines to watch out for that wont make you trade in your car to afford. 7/19/2010



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